Renewed Spirit Spa

Tampa, Florida 1 comment

The owner was so rude to us.He assumed we weren't going to tip, and told us we better take care of his ppl As I was filling out the paperwork he came in, snatched the clip board out my hand, and said to leave because we were late.

He thought we were suppose to be there at 10 but we scheduled 11.

As were leaving we was seriously shoving my friend down the stairs; then threatened to call the police, because she slammed his door.Then he called us stank *** too.Do not go to this place.



I don't know how all this went down, and find it VERY hard to believe!!!I was just there 2 weeks ago.

The owner (guy) was very nice, he talked to us several times. He also did this with other customers that were there. He kept asking if we needed anything. He mentioned that they take credit card if you we wanted to tip.

But didn't act like we had to.

Considering the cost of the services compared to other places tipping was the least I could do.All of the staff was very nice as well and tried very hard to make us happy.

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